Welcome to Landing

Welcome to the launch episode of the Landing Podcast!

Let me tell you a bit about why I started Landing and how I'm on a mission to help you job hunt, happy.

I'll talk about the highs of my career, the lows, managing through all the emotions that come with it and how being coached helped me infinitely advance my career.

Of course, I couldn’t have launched this podcast alone, so allow me to introduce you to Facundo Campos - or “Producer Facundo”.

Facundo will feature on a great number of podcasts and will engage myself and my guests in meaningful dialogue about the issues and challenges job seekers are facing today.

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Show Notes

I started my career in advertising as and Account Executive and, as we all do with our career jobs, we map out the path to the top and make plans for the future [1:10]

Learned some great lessons, like this Proofreading Pro Tip: Remember to sound out the words as you read them back. The word “public” turns into a completely different word when you accidentally drop the “L” [2:24]

Got fired for the first time and started to feel like I failed personally (as well as professionally) [2:57]

Landed my next job as a Media Buyer and immediately lost it due to the economic crash of 2008 [4:18]

Worked at a newspaper. Got restructured [5:00]

Was offered career coaching this time and I scoffed - who needs a career coach? Why do I need a coach? But after a month I caved - and it turns out there’s so much to be gained! [5:56]

For example, I learned all about networking and how beneficial it is. Literally changed the course of my career. [8:36]

Also that people do genuinely want to help you. So let them. [10:27]

Networking helps you access 80% of the hidden job market, because the cost of recruitment is huge ($$$)- so why wouldn’t someone in HR want to bypass posting a job when they’ll get an internal referral? [11:48]

As a job seeker, you are a problem solver. Find out how to solve problems for people through networking [17:00]

So I got hired right at the end of my career coaching! Turned everything around and started working in the toy industry for almost four years [17:37]

Average tenure of anyone working is approximately 4.3 years. This means each of us is likely to job hunt 12-15 times in our careers [18:48]

You don’t get out of school, find a job, and retire [19:29]

I started my next job hunt after toys and it was the hardest ever [20:24]

Industries are cyclical as well. Everyone is into tech and startups right now, for example. AI is going to be meaningful so people want to jump on at the ground floor [21:28]

Finally landed a job at a media company. Fun fact: I networked with this company five years before landing the job there. Talk about a long-game [23:16]

After almost two years, restructured again - but this time I was READY [26:21]

When I saw the HR rep sitting with my teary-eyed boss, I knew. Recognized that there wasn’t much out there talking about how hard the job hunt really is. So I decided that on my next round of restructure, I’d document my job hunt. So I looked on the bright side: I get to document my job hunt this time! [27:42]

Listen, everyone is unemployed at one point or another in their career. It’s the dirty little secret we don’t talk about. [31:14]

Being restructured is a trauma we need to process, full-stop [32:05]

So I documented my job hunt and laid out my day-to-day. Who I met with, what I did, etc. and talked about things like: [33:24]

  • How to manage your day (when there’s no set routine)

  • How to manage rejection

  • How to take care of yourself

  • How to interview with confidence

  • How to network

My first video was me thanking the company for opportunity, outlined my job, what I bring to the table, what I’m looking for. [35:03]

What happened when I became transparent with my network about job hunting? Well first of all, everyone wanted to help [36:31]

Next, I got job seekers reaching out saying “Hey, I’m in the same boat! Thank you, you’re the only one talking about this.” [38:17]

Then, I started getting job offers. [39:03]

My next job was in a tech startup. CEO reached out to say he liked my content. Would you do that for us. This was my shortest job hunt ever [42:57]

Over Christmas, I got a message from a job seeker that I’d helped keep her motivated until she landed her next job - this was one of the signs it was time to launch Landing [44:16]

So in 2019 I took the big step to be here for job seekers. [47:51]

People helped validate the idea and offered their help, including Producer Facundo - volunteering his time to help create video and podcasting [49:21]

Job hunting is not dirty. Everyone’s done it. You are going to do it. Get comfortable with it [49:52]

Be comfortable in having your resume always up to date, your LinkedIn up to date, your portfolio up to date. Where you are now is not where you’ll be in five years, 20 years [50:29]

Peers have been hugely supportive, for example Amy Davies, author of A Spark In The Dark who’s helped educate me on the landscape [51:16]

Networking - Wish I was doing it with as much effort, from the beginning. You can do it in 20 minutes or less each day. Long game. It’s never too late to start. You can create a meaningful network in less than six months [54:10]

What else can you expect from the Landing Podcast? [55:33]

Links & Resources

Amy Davies has published an awesome book for job seekers called A Spark In The Dark: Illuminating Your Path To A Brilliant Career In A Reorg World


“Producer” Facundo Campos and his incredible arsenal of video and audio services could help you the way they’ve helped me


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