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Networking for the Shy, Introverted and Anxious

  • Staples Canada 375 University Avenue Toronto, ON, M5G 2J5 Canada (map)

Good networking helps you access 80% of jobs that never get posted, but it can be frightening or emotionally draining for some. Believe me - I’m a textbook introvert. 

You have valuable stories and insights to share and I will teach you how to enjoy networking, no matter what your comfort level is. 

Together, we’ll make networking into a daily habit, learn how to do a lot of the pre-work right from home and go over mental exercises to manage nervousness ahead of a meeting.

In this session, you will:

  • Dispelling myths about networking (You don’t have to be an extrovert to enjoy networking)

  • How to introduce yourself online and in-person, request a networking meeting and request an introduction to someone new

  • Easy ice breakers to use at networking meetings, conferences and cocktail parties

  • Ways to prepare yourself mentally and manage any networking anxiety

  • How to nurture your relationships over time