You are not your past mistakes 😬

Have you ever made a big mistake? Big enough, you thought you'd never recover from it? I think many of us have.

I've mentioned before that you are not your job title. Today I'm also going to tell you that you are not your past mistakes.

I've been fired with cause before and, let me tell you: it stings.

I unintentionally shared proprietary sales information of my employer (I didn't know this piece of information was private) resulting in me losing my job (for breach of contract.)

Aside from that huge gaffe, I'd been a stellar employee and was on track to make Marketing Director within a year.

But, mistakes happen.

Did I take responsibility? Yes.

Did I learn something important? Yes.

Am I ever going to make that same mistake again? Hell no.

You are not your past mistakes.

Take Gareth, here, for example: this is a man who just years ago was incarcerated and today is a Software Engineer at Google.

If Gareth can find success after a monumental set-back, so can you. 

Take responsibility for your mistakes πŸ™

The first step to solving a problem is to admit there's a problem. If you've made a mistake, take ownership for it. No more ruminating about it. 

There's nothing more powerful than admitting you're wrong and focusing on how you can make things right. 

If anyone asks you about it, remain confident and transparent: "Yes, I'm responsible for ___ and I'm taking these measures ___ to correct it."

What could you learn? 🧠

Fun fact: there's something you could learn (and use in the future!) from every scenario you find yourself in. 

I've learned invaluable skills through trial and (many) errors, including:

  • How to proofread with laser-focused efficiency

  • Balance a budget, and

  • How to write compelling sales copy.

Nobody starts out perfect at anything. 

There are always going to be opportunities πŸ’Έ

It may not feel like it right now, but I promise you, opportunity is out there in the form of new friends, networking connections, roles you may not have ever considered would be a good fit, volunteer opportunities and more.

It is statistically improbable that you're never going to land another role. 

We ALL make mistakes ❌

No joke, literally everyone. It's how we grow. No matter how bad you may have messed up, there's a diplomatic way to address it when speaking to others, so long as you're focused on moving forward.

Hiring Managers and Recruiters are human (read: they also make mistakes) and fully anticipate you're going to arrive to them with a few bruises. 

Career mistakes are rarely fatal 😊

Whatever you've done in the past, if you're willing to take responsibility and move forward with curiosity and growth, you will find your next opportunity in due time. 

It's time to brush that dirt off your shoulder and move forward. You're going to bounce back, I know it. πŸ‘

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