Let's lower the bar 🏊 How changing your expectations will help you job hunt, happier πŸ˜€

Good morning πŸ˜„ So if any of you follow my Instagram, I mentioned a few weeks ago in a Story that I was training for a triathlon (swim + bike + run).

A friend of mine did it earlier this summer and I've always wanted to try one myself, so I announced to the universe that I was going to take the plunge (literally.)

I had about six weeks to train, which really isn't a lot of time (most solid training plans start at eight weeks.)

Aiming unreasonably high isn't new for me. I used to joke that I was going to make the Top 40 Under 40 list... Under 30.

As the event loomed, it started to dawn on me that I was nowhere near ready.

I got up to the requisite bike distance (30km), my run distance was about half of what it should have been (3.5km instead of 7km) and my swim was... well, more splashing around and gasping for air.

So I decided not to participate in a triathlon this year.

Facing reality.

Much like in the job hunt, we set expectations of how it's going to play out.

"I'm sure I'll land a job in the next three months" or "My qualifications are amazing. I'm sure tons of recruiters will reach out to me on LinkedIn."

The biggest disappointments come when reality doesn't match our expectations.

The job hunt often takes more time than we expect and we seldom get the responses we're looking for (assuming we get a response at all.)

Reframing your mind and lowering the bar.

Instead of focusing so much on the time frame that you've been on the job hunt, focus on the fact that you will find a job.

Turn "I'm sure I'll land a job in the next three months" into "I'm sure I'll land a job" and watch as the pressure melts away.

Instead of being insecure for not being able to meet this year's triathlon requirements, I'm excited I have nine extra months to train for next year's season.

That pressure you're putting on yourself could be hurting your hustle.

Don't let it.

#YouWillLand where you belong.

Richard Gawlas