How to keep good momentum going ⏩ and bad momentum out 🛑

Last week I had planned to get a lot of work done - content creation, applications for freelance work, networking - but I fell short of my goal, so my to-do list remained largely incomplete.

On top of that, I was rejected for two pitches I put together for paid speaking gigs (and let me tell you, my PowerPoint presentations were on point 📊👌)

So I stumbled.

The more I ruminated on the rejections and lack of accomplishment, the less motivation I had to do things I enjoy - exercise, video games, reading - despite knowing that they’d all put me in a better mood.

So I ruminated some more on the rejections and my lack of accomplishment… see where I’m going here?

Job seekers have hot and cold streaks and it’s important to take a moment to acknowledge the awesome power that momentum has.

Bad momentum

When we receive a rejection from a job, or someone doesn’t return our email, or we are declined for a networking meeting, it hurts.

It puts us in a bad frame of mind.

If, while in that frame of mind we receive another rejection, the feeling hurts so much more because it’s compounded on top of the first one.

Soon enough, these feelings chip away at our confidence, our self-worth and our energy.

We get stuck in an angry loop, playing back scenarios of what we would have done differently, or thinking that all recruiters are jerks, or feeling like we won’t ever find another job again.

How to stop bad momentum

Stop whatever you’re doing right now that is feeding the negative narrative and walk away from your desk, don’t look at your email and stay off of social media for a bit - take a moment to just be with yourself.

Acknowledge that each setback is individual and not connected to each other. The world isn’t conspiring against you, even if it feels that way, I promise. ❤️

Reset. Go take a walk for 30 minutes, meditate, journal, read, do 10 push-ups - whatever you need to take your mind off the pain.

I’ve found a quick nap helps literally reset my brain and tackle my challenges with a fresh mind, so if you can sneak in a cat nap, do it.

Good momentum

Fortunately, the same rules apply to positive momentum. After a long period of inactivity, you may notice a few interview requests come in one after another - doesn’t that feel great?

Maybe you’ve just nailed your phone interview and they email you back before the end of the day to tell you they want you to come meet the team.

Positive events, compounded, have the same effect and you could begin to feel like you’re on top of the world.

How to fuel good momentum

Apply to more jobs. Though you may be incredibly excited about the progress you’re making with a particular job and you have a good feeling they’ll hire you, apply to a few more jobs anyway.

I don’t say it to discourage you, but save the excitement for when you have an offer in writing. Until then, keep hustling.

Reach out to more people. Yesterday, I started reaching out to people who have conquered adversity in their own lives, requesting interviews with them (to share with you.)

I sent out 10 requests, meekly wondering if anyone will get back to me. I wasn’t feeling too confident I’d get a response, but when I did, I immediately thought “Nice! Who ELSE can I reach out to?”

Reward yourself. You’ve been working hard, so don’t forget to keep those positive vibes going with an occasional treat for yourself - new item of clothing to interview in, downtime for your hobby - whatever makes you happy.

When good momentum is in full swing, you’re likely going to feel more productive and confident. Use that energy to leverage more opportunities and let the momentum do the work for you.

Happy Landing!

Richard Gawlas