The winner of 'A Spark In The Dark' is...



to Mariya K. who’s going to be receiving a copy of 'A Spark in the Dark: Illuminating Your Path to a Brilliant Career in a Reorg World'.

Thank you to all for participating in Landing’s very first contest (awww ❤️) and I hope you’ll participate again.

A BIG thank you to Amy Davies, Founder of Reorg World for donating a copy of her super-cool book to give away.


Still want a copy of

‘A Spark In The Dark’?

I absolutely 100% recommend you read Amy’s book. It’s an incredible toolkit for any job seeker.

Get your copy now, on Amazon:


About the book

The era of lifelong jobs is over. It's no longer the norm - or even a possibility - to dedicate your entire career to a single employer. Now, the only thing that's consistent is a state of flux. So how do you build a rewarding and meaningful career in an ever-changing landscape?

Amy tackles the topic of corporate restructuring with grace and levity - every job seeker could benefit from this great read.

About Amy Davies

Founder of Reorg World, Amy and her team work with organizations through reorgs so employees feel empowered and companies remain profitable through change. She teaches presentation and communication skills courses, enabling teams and individuals to improve their soft skills and achieve their ultimate professional goals.  

Amy regularly posts free resources and career articles to her blog, and she runs a resume writing and auditing business, Firefly Resumes.

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