All you do is win, win, win, no matter what πŸ† How to stay motivated on the job hunt

Hi there πŸ‘‹ Staying motivated on the job hunt is something that is easy to say, but can be difficult to put into practice. 

Let's talk about why motivation may be in short supply and how to re-fuel it. 

Motivation is deeply personal πŸ”

Though we're striving for similar outcomes - finding our next job, taking the next step in our careers - the reasons we do this differ from person to person.

Maybe we've left a toxic environment and are looking for peers and bosses that foster a sense of community and growth.

Maybe we're looking to get paid more of what we're worth, or find financial stability, so we're taking this opportunity to ask for the salary we need in order to thrive.

Whatever your reasons, it's good to identify the things that are driving you forward and make every step you take in service of that. 

Rejection takes the wind out of our sails β›΅ 

Why is motivation in short supply? One reason could be because job seekers have the unfortunate task of dealing with consistent rejection - more than one typically does in their day-to-day.

That rejection, compounded, begins to erode our self-confidence and, most importantly, doesn't return on the investment we made - the time and money we invested in writing new resumes, applying to jobs, networking and interviewing. 

When we've made these investments and haven't yielded an offer from an employer, it begins to feel like what's the point?

Do something that lets you win πŸ…

Each of us has something we're tremendously good at. Doing things that make us feel like a winner helps combat the rejections and even the scale. 

Playing games, exercising, learning something new, cooking, making your bed - these are all things that can help foster a sense of accomplishment in a time when you feel you're not accomplishing a whole lot. 

Take a day off πŸ›Œ

If you're in a real funk, give yourself the day to recoup. You're not going to be very effective if you can't get your head in the game, so allow yourself to take a day to focus on self-care and rest, then double up your efforts tomorrow.

For me, a good night's sleep (or even just an afternoon nap) work wonders on my mood and motivation because I wake up feeling fresh. 

What's just ONE thing you could accomplish today? β˜

If you're feeling the pressure and really should be getting things done, then set a goal to accomplish one task. 

Accomplishing one thing is better than nothing and will still make you feel like you're moving forward. Ask yourself, if you could only accomplish one thing today, what would it be? 

Make the task achievable and take pride in checking that one thing off your to-do list. The rest can wait. 

Create a 'code' to job hunt by πŸ“œ

If you can't conjure up the motivation within yourself and need it to come from an external source, creating a code - a set of guidelines - in which to job hunt and follow to the letter could be a good work-around.

Make your code the thing that you have to follow, no matter what - it'll hold you accountable and give you a guiding principle to strive towards even when you don't want to. 

Pick an item that reminds you of your final goal πŸ§¦

This may sound silly, but sometimes you just need a reminder of why you're on the hunt in the first place - what your endgame is. 

This year, I set myself a goal of making enough side hustle income to travel to Las Vegas for a conference in the fall. The two things that remind me of that goal are my deodorant which smells like the lobby of Caesar's Palace and a pair of Las Vegas-branded socks that I wear when I'm in a great mood. 

These are the things that help me power through my day and stay focused on what my ultimate goal is, even when I'm not in the mood. 

Be kind to yourself πŸ’•

Again, it's important to acknowledge that your feelings and lack of motivation are human responses. You won't be a job-hunting machine every single day, so give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate the wins you are making. 

What do you do to stay motivated? I'd love to hear what tricks and tactics you use. Also, don't forget to enter our first-ever contest to win a copy of 'A Spark in the Dark' by reorg expert, Amy Davies.

Until then, have an awesome-sauce week 😁


Richard Gawlas