Job hunt, happy.


Empathy +
Job Hunting

Landing supports your mental health and well-being during the job hunt. I’ve been there - dealing with the emotional loss of a job, feeling the clock ticking on my unemployment and not knowing where to start.

Together we’ll get you set up to job hunt like a champion, build a positive network of people to support you and manage the highs and lows of job hunting.

Buckle up: this is an adventure. The good thing is that together, we’ll help you land your next opportunity (see what I did there?)

- Richard, Career Co-Pilot


Let’s get you ready for takeoff 🛫

In addition to the usual job hunting advice, like getting your resume and LinkedIn profile to shine, I’ll help you…

  • Manage your energy and time. (Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?)

  • Discover the value of networking and show you how to do it confidently (even if you hate networking.)

  • Get interview ready and shake off the jitters (by literally shaking them off.)

  • Stay motivated in the face of rejection, after rejection, after rejection, after rejection, after… (you’re stronger than you think, I swear.)

  • Find the joy in your free time. Hey, you have a really unique opportunity here to re-discover what you love.

… and we’re going to have fun doing it!


“As a result of restructuring…”


It happens to the best of us.

One day you’re standing in line for coffee with a coworker, the next you’re walking out of your office with a box. Many of us are likely to go through a career transition at one point or another.

Landing is a resource to help you manage your transition, rebuild your confidence and affirm that you are not alone. There’s meaningful work over the horizon and we’ll get you there.

You’ve got this 💪

Let’s get to work.


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